The Dublin Advocate is getting ready to be online in a new format. We will still keep bringing you the same great Advocate you look forward to reading every month, but soon the articles will also be on a blog, called Dublin Advocate.

With the blessings of selectmen and our treasurer, Bill Goodwin, and on behalf of the staff of The Dublin Advocate, I am pleased to announce that we have hired Ben Cerroni of GranitePeak Web Solutions to design our blog, and the stories you read every month will be posted in their entirety online, along with pictures.

If you want to read just the school news, click on a presorted tab. Focus on the People of the Month, or Library news, just a click away. Past issues will be archived and links can go back to the pdf on the town website, or any site that requests it.

So join us in welcoming the Advocate to the new generation of communication, folks. All the young people are way out in front of those of us who still read hard copies of things, and now is time for us to play catch up, and for them to lead the way.

When it is up and running, you can simply go to our site,, click on the “send email“ button, verify it from your own email inbox, and you will get a monthly reminder with a link when the issue is fully published online, which should fall just after you receive the issue in your box. We are anticipating a January kick-off date.

Looking ahead, this move will allow us to cut our issues shorter, saving money, time and paper; it will allow important messages to be sent if you approve that as an option; and soon we will be taking advertisements in the effort to have the blog support itself.

But best of all, this will invite the next generation to have more of a voice in our town.

We will keep you posted.

–Margaret Gurney, Editor

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