“It takes a village.” How true it is with the future Dublin Community Center. It’s not just the members of the Board of Directors who are working hard to bring this dream to fruition. It is also the many people of our community who have helped us along the way, and we want to publicly thank them:

Jim Callahan, lawyer, pro bono; Catamount Environmental, asbestos abatement; The Dublin Advocate; Rich Lieberstein, roofing; Niemela Design, demolition, and for advising and figuring costs of Phase II; Russ Saturley, septic design; Savron Graphics; Scott Swanson, drawing plans, and for many extra hours, pro bono; Al Vorce, surveyor, some hours pro bono.

And for help with demolition: James Wolpe and Cully Colantino; Bill Perry, electrician, for ripping out electric wire, pro bono; Mike Caron at Yankee for plowing; Dublin Community Church for working with us on shared parking and septic system; Sophie and David Kwon (Barbara Summers’ grandchildren), Sally Collier and Mary Loftis for help with mailing;

Cecily Bastedo, Ramona Branch, Kitty Carleton, Ellie Rublee, Matt Wasserloos for help with fundraising; and Sharon Escales for writing thank you notes.

We thank the Ad Hoc Advisory Committee: Margaret Nelson, Barbara Duckett, and Sara Germain; Tim O’Connell for breaking down costs of our construction; Sharron and Dennis Monaghan for helping to sell items left at the building; and we thank The Peter Shonk Family for naming the Dublin Community Center in lieu of flowers for Lucy Shonk.

And to all the people who have sent generous donations of money – thank you, thank you! We are touched by the comments written on the checks, such as “Hooray,” “Can’t Wait,” and “Will there be an after-school program?”

It’s never too late to donate, so please join us in this community endeavor.

Many, many thanks, and Happy New Year to All:

DCC Project Board of Directors: Nancy Cayford, Vira Elder, Lisa Foote, Bruce Fox, Betsey Harris, Paul Tuller, Bruce Simpson, Barbara Summers, and David Wolpe.

Thank You to the Community