NH Fish and Game reports that with the 4th of July the start of the holiday and vacation season in New Hampshire begins for real and many people will be camping, hiking, fishing and having backyard barbeques.

This popular holiday also marks the time when the greatest numbers of bear-human conflicts occur in the state. Take action to reduce the chances of a bear visiting your home or campsite with simple precautions:

•            Stop all bird feeding by April 1 or as soon as snow melts.

•            Secure all garbage in airtight containers inside a garage or adequate storage area, and put garbage out on the morning of pickup, not the night before.

•            Avoid putting meat or other food scraps in your compost pile.

•            Don’t leave pet food dishes outside overnight.

•            Clean and store outdoor grills after each use.

•            Do not leave food, grease or garbage unsecured around campsites.

•            Store food and coolers in a closed vehicle or secured area while camping.

•            Finally, never intentionally feed bears!

For more information on preventing conflicts with black bears, visit http://www.wildnh.com/Wildlife/Somethings_Bruin.htm

Avoid Attracting Bears in June & July