To our valued Dublin Advocate readers: Here is the September issue— all news worthy for Dubliners and neighbors.

This month in the September Advocate we read about a tiny house under construction right in our own town, the annual hawkwatch, and the gathering of other towns with the same name as our’s. School news is hopping with the actual start of the new school year, and let’s not miss our annual gas engine meet at Cricket Hill Farm! Walkers honor Granny D, another family went to sea, and at the Wellness Festival there is no fee.

In addition to updates on events at the library and the Hub, we hear from the Friends of the Oglala Lakota; that Miriam is running the League of NH Craftsmen; and a new Market & Bazaar will take place at Cricket Hill Farm. Community suppers resume, and an opportunity for testing our wellwater is on its way. Who is that gal running the Hub? Perhaps you’ll wish to attend any number of arts events by Dubliners, or join in the Art Tour coming up. Just try to guess what bird Tom Warren covered this time, and so don’t miss out on the color photos online.

September 2017