Do vote on September 11: State Primary Election Day (Town Hall open all day). Secondly, Dubliners survived a most challenging storm, which caused flooding in two other towns as well. Our road crew has been on the job double-time ever since. Meanwhile, the September issue of the Advocate is here, and it prompts us to question why the state performs the annual Howe Reservoir Drawdown; our Conservation Commission and other concerned citizens have called a public meeting (September 19). We get a geologist’s take on the region, sign up for a hike to hawkwatch, and don’t miss the DPD’s BBQ, postponed from last month due to the storm. Dublin’s 47th Annual Gas Engine Meet (Sept. 7-9) is in memory of Cles Staples this year, who was dear to all. Voting details, beach news, a new bus for DCS, and a small, antique gravestone has been delivered to its rightful place. We hear from two young people about their experiences, and then there are the monthly updates from the DPL, DCS, its PTO, Hub, and the Thorne-Sagendorph Art Gallery. The Peterborough Players continue to thrill, Rotary speakers converge, and CVTC seeks volunteer drivers. We mark the passing of Charles Collier, consider offerings from the River Center, and learn about the complex relationship between Horseshoe Crabs, Red Knots, and human medicine from our resident ornithologist. Many advertisers are hearing from you, thank you!

September 2018