The February issue kicks off with details about the Broadband opportunity presented to all Dubliners from the town committee. Several informational sessions are announced to field questions, and to pass the bond will require a 2/3 vote at Town Meeting. Local veterans ask for names of soldiers who served in the Korean and Vietnam conflicts, with plans to honor them. We have an update from the BudCom, in which we are told to expect “a larger than normal increase in the operating budget.” Come to the preview to learn why. Then we have voting logistics, an update on the school budget, also up, and more news from DCS and DCA, the annual bird count, and a profile of a local fundraiser. Ski with Tom, strengthen the wildlife on your property, learn what to expect from the new Census, and read about Dublin School’s new performance. DHS reaches its centennial, and is collecting our stories, and the Friends of the Oglala Lakota is donating some relevant books to the DPL. There are the usual updates on new events to expect at the DubHub, what is happening at the Makerspace in Peterborough, who’s coming to speak at Rotary, and many new programs are on hand from the DPL and FDPL. Support our advertisers, yes, and most of all, Vote; locally and nationally, this month and next.

February 2020