We hope the April issue gives you a chance to think about something other than COVID-19 for a few seconds, especially since the state just issued a stay-at-home order. There’s a dam here in town, with water spilling over it, that could use some attention, and maybe even put the energy it could generate to work. Most all our neighboring towns have done so recently.

Links and much-needed advice has been mailed, emailed, and forwarded about how to handle the challenges we are presented in this pandemic. References are in these pages (p.9). Very locally, once again, the proprietors of Dublin General Store have stepped up and are offering daily food delivery using volunteers. Do give them a call at 563-8401 if there is any food you need.

The trustees of the Library have hired a new director who lives in Dublin with her young family. Otherwise, the DPL has shuttered its doors, as has the Hub, the church, the schools, and area businesses until such time as we are up and running again.

The DCF and Trustees of Trust Funds both request scholarship applications, we run down the decisions made at Town Meeting, celebrate new candidates for office, and honor the Citizen of the Year.

The Swap Shop will open when it deems it’s safe; the DWC dinner is planned, subject to postponement; and town roads are closed to all trucks 6 tons and over.

A plea for foodstuffs from End 68 Hours of Hunger requests actual food donations to be dropped off at the community church, or fiscal donations sent if you prefer; and the Advocate calls for College grads in 2020 to submit their profiles.

We lost two Dublin women, who meant a great deal to many; and our Ballot Clerks are shown on task, along with outgoing Selectman Dale Gabel. Our local elementary school principal, her staff, and all students jumped into remote leaning overnight, Miss Shepherd teaches a music class we can see, and we are grateful the district school budget passed.

DCA is presenting The Matchmaker, the DHS wants you to write your Dublin story, and we learn about the roots of Friendly Farm. Two newcomers to town are profiled and welcomed, ConVal is calling for Kindergarten registration, and many events are on hold at the Hub. Stay tuned!

Links and resources on COVID-19 take up a good deal of space, as it is good to be fully informed, and we might all consider buying gift certificates to support our local merchants, especially now. It’s time to bring in your birdfeeders, no need to say why; the sap is running, amphibians are scurrying as soon as the snow melts again, and a brass band forms in Keene.

One Dubliner facilitates discussions to raise awareness of race relations locally, and the Rotary gave away funds it raised to support organizations that help treat those who struggle with substance abuse. There’s an art show in Jaffrey, and many transportation shortfalls can be resolved when you team up with CVTC.

Cork is suddenly and thankfully being recycled at our local transfer station, and RSVP, a local volunteer organization, gets a grant to keep its program operating.

Watch for ticks, support our advertisers, learn all about NH’s eagle survey from our local ornithologist, and stay home.

April 2020