The March issue is in Dublin homes by now, and it begins with the topic on everyone’s mind, vaccinations. At least one Dubliner is volunteering in the effort. In addition to healthcare this month, we cover a teacher who’s been here in our DCS for 15 years, and still loves it.

It’s time to vote March 9, but only for Candidates; meet them March 6 outside of the DPL. All the rest of Town Meeting and its voting on warrant articles (preview included) has been postponed to May 1, also outdoors.

The Town Safety Committee asks those who plow the snow to follow the rules, and the town’s new website is up and running. School is back in session, and it’s a testament to much collaboration. What the future holds for telehealth is considered, our broadband news is updated again with access forthcoming, and Dubliners over 65 can benefit from hot meals delivered to their door by students at DCA. The Community Church is offering its monthly take-out dinner as well.

The Conservation Commission updates us on easement monitoring, a young woman who grew up in town has earned national attention, and we lost three women who had made Dublin home for decades.

The School Board Rep is starting his own Facebook page for conversations, and many Dubliners were in the local news in the last month. (See clippings on back cover.)

Neil Sandford, Dublin’s Deputy Town Clerk / Tax Collector has his own radio station that plays Christian music and themes, and Audubon can now track butterflies in addition to birds. Eversource explains the rate hike, and we have parting words from M.E. McClellan.

Events at the DubHub continue with lively Zooms and lunches to go, Wi-Fi access for those who need it, and it’s time to Spring Forward !

Apple Hill offers chamber music online, and a new program that benefits from Rotary funding prepays several restaurants to cook and box up meals that are free for pickup twice a week in Peterborough! It is part of the continuing effort “between restaurants and agencies helping to resolve regional food insecurity.” That said, Ending 68 Hours of Hunger, which packs up food supplies for children in the district to eat during the weekends, seeks crackers in sleeves for equitable and healthy distribution.

MAxT Makerspace is looking for mentors, The River Center offer solutions for families that seek services, and a local transportation nonprofit can arrange for wheelchair vans to take people to their essential appointments.

Though birdseed may run low, they still need to eat too through the cold. The Hawk Watch had some remarkable results last fall, and Americorps recognizes four challenges facing this country at the moment.

As said, clippings about Dubliners fill the back page. And remember our advertisers, they are here for you. Stay well.

March 2021