As always in the June issue, our high school graduates are congratulated on the cover, individually, and in this case, jumped to later in the issue. The Checklist Supervisors are in the process of verifying the checklist, and take-out suppers for the church will last all summer — just call several days in advance.

Low and moderate income homeowners may apply for tax relief, the Town Hall re-opens its doors to the public in-person, Summer Playground is again canceled, and the Transfer Station superintendent thanks all for the vote in favor of a new building.

Our school board rep explains why there will not be a 5th grade in Dublin next year (visit his Facebook page for discussion), and the Trustees of the Trust Funds announce three scholarship winners. Our elementary school principal announces end-of year testing and wishes all a good summer; our preschool graduates six children to first grade; and the library plans a new summer program for the children.

Former selectman Sterling Abram details the parking changes we can expect along Lake Road near the Pumpelly trail entrance, and we caught him with the Citizen of the Year award. We have a drone’s eye view of the Town Meeting as it took place on Cricket Hill Farm’s field, to accompany results of the outdoor town meeting; the Hub goes over its June offerings; and we profile a young woman in town who is growing flowers as gifts.

The Historical Society is hosting a storyteller, and announced its 101st celebration slated for August. Local archaeologist Robert Goodby has published a new book, two of our older citizens marvel birthdays over a game of Scrabble, and we can always find a way to help end the 68 hours of hunger experienced by our local schoolchildren every weekend.

Get some tips on saving energy, learning about the Cornucopia Project, and how a donation of pet food can go a long way. The Friendly Farm is due to reopen, the editor reviews a book about the founding of the Hub, Neil explains how he rigged up his radio channel for Town Meeting, and we now have to dial 603 in front of all our local calls!

Concerts start, lectures begin, and we celebrate the arrival of the summer Warblers. Get your burn permits, if you even dare to burn, and pay close attention to several new advertisers. Safe travels everyone.


June 2021