In November’s Advocate, we are giving thanks: for new AEDs to our Fire Department and police cruisers, the near completion of the storage building at the Transfer Station, the healthcare workers who are still at it, and for our veterans — who are being commemorated with new plaques on the Town Hall. Looking to the future, there is a call for volunteers to serve on a new Energy Committee.

The library functions are in full swing, although the book sale was canceled at the last minute, and the DPL trustees seek our input on what we want in a library.

‘Tis the season for pumpkin carving and painting, the Historical Society Archives shares a new acquisition and the board announces new trustees, and once again we set the clocks back an hour to be on time for November 7’s events.

A dear Dubliner died, the school board rep reports, and we share our gratitude for all things volunteer; Happy Thanksgiving from all to all.

Our school principal shares news, a painting is gifted back to DCA, the 25th Art Tour was a great success, the Church holds its monthly take-out community supper, and you can buy its soup cookbook from the Dublin General Store.

What’s so great about an ebike? Read all about it, as one intrepid cycler sings their praises. The Hub is busy offering all its usual events, plus an art sale. And it’s not too soon to plan for the Christmas Tree Lighting in mid-December. Bring your singing voice to welcome the guy in red.

The Walden School had a wonderfully musical summer at the Dublin School, and the Advocate posts an update. A Youth Mental Health event is for all those people who teach children, Audubon awards a bird man, and the Electric Earth offers Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons.” See a link on the receipt of ARPA funds by the county, and read about the boom heard ’round the county as well.

The River Center continues with its mission of parenting tips and updates, and we are invited to attend a poetry reading in the next town over.

We have nonprofits who have wish lists, and the call for volunteer drivers remains timely. Our resident ornithologist shares two birding tales, and the grid is filled with important photos that enhance the interior.

Please notice and patronize the advertisers who so loyally run their ads each month. And last, hunker down with neighbors as we prepare for colder temps.

November 2021