Happy New Year to all our friends and neighbors in Dublin! The January 2024 Advocate brings stories of winters past when lakes froze solid enough to skate (we’re still hoping!) and snowy roads were packed down rather than cleared as they are today. There are some good reminders for annual tasks to take care of in the new year, and Jeanne Sterling shares her parents’ foresight in preparing a “death box” for loved ones, resolving to do the same.

The Dublin Public Library is off to a new start in January, after three months in “re-building” mode. With new Library Director Karen Madigan at the helm, and three new Library Assistants, spirits are high, and gratitude is deep for Volkert Volkersz’s leadership in the interim.

Check out the openings for town officers, and please consider giving some of your time and expertise back to your community this year by participating in town government. Deadline for filing is Friday, February 2. Remember to vote in New Hampshire’s presidential primary on January 23.

Families with children will be excited to read about Bonnie’s Barn at The Friendly Farm, the fulfillment of a longtime dream of owner Bruce Fox. We have important updates from our ConVal School Board member, and from Dublin Consolidated School, and an invitation from The Dublin School to use the Nordic Trail System on their campus.

Stay busy and cozy through the winter months at the DubHub, with its lineup of friendly, informal events to join your neighbors for music, conversation, classes, a community lunch, storytelling, and an art show featuring participants in last month’s Smartphone Photo Contest. While you’re there, be sure to check out Will Elcoate’s creative masterpiece – a food and beverage station made from a repurposed piano!

Owners of land parcels under 25 acres are eligible to apply for conservation opportunity grants, and the Dublin Fire Station is under consideration as the site for our first municipal solar array. The Harris Center is opening registration for its popular course, “Bird Identification, Ecology, and Habitat.” And the Waste Reduction & Recycling Committee is proposing a Pay As You Throw solution to the problem of escalating costs for disposing of solid waste.

This year, the Heart of New England Council, Boy Scouts of America celebrates the centennial of Camp Wanoksett, located on Thorndike Pond in Dublin. Read about the camp’s history, and the events planned to celebrate with alumni, staff, and current campers.

Dublin remembers the life of Scott Lambert, longtime postal clerk beloved by the community. There will be a free community supper at the Dublin Community Church on January 23 at 5:30 pm. Please also remember our local charities, including End 68 Hours of Hunger, who do so much for those in need.

Finally, one of our editors takes a swipe at ChatGPT, and feels secure in her role at the Advocate for the time being. Best wishes for the new year!

January 2024