By Margaret Gurney —

Since funding for The Advocate remains a Warrant Article again this year, we think it prudent to provide you with some details regarding our financial proposal. The Advocate is seeking $4,400 this year from the Town, which is $400 more than last year.

Based on this past year’s performance, we anticipate our advertising revenue to be about $6,900 in 2012. In addition, we are hoping for $350 in donations to cover costs for first-class mailing out of town (our mailing address is PO Box 184).

On the expenses side for 2012, graphic design, postage and the stipend for the editor remain the same as for 2011. Last year, the editor chose to spend 50% of her stipend for web-development work, resulting in the “” website and an online version of same. Printing expense is expected to be $4,400 in 2012 (up from $4,000 in 2011). We also need to add $200 to the budget for supplies. As a result of these anticipated changes, our total expenditures for 2012 will be $11,650 (up from $11,050 in 2011).

Our treasurer, Bill Goodwin, will be happy to answer any questions you might have regarding our proposed budget.

You will read in the Town Report that we are blessed with a super strong staff, and are excited to see where the web will take us. We hope to continue serving the town we all enjoy, and thank you for your past support.

Margaret Gurney is editor of The Dublin Advocate.

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