Barbara Duckett, CEO, HCS Keene, has told the Dublin Community Center:

HCS – Home Healthcare Hospice and Community Services – provides services to residents of the Monadnock Region in their homes and in the community. Community services have been limited in Dublin due in large part to the absence of a suitable location. We know there are many elders, especially in Dublin, who would benefit from such services. The services that could be offered in Dublin include: Flu Immunization Clinics, Foot Clinics, Nurse-Is-In Clinics, Caregiver Support Groups, Bereavement Support Groups, Friendly Meals. The mission of HCS is to help individuals remain as healthy as possible and independent in their own homes for as long as possible. Access to health and prevention services increases the likelihood that this will happen.”

The board of the future Dublin Community Center is looking forward to providing a suitable location for HCS. There would be privacy, easy access, cleanliness, and a friendly environment.

We have finished the demolition of the first floor. If anyone would like to see the amazing difference, and how large the space is, please contact Nancy Cayford (563-8021), Betsey Harris (563-8640) or Bruce Simpson (563-8471). We will be happy to meet you and take you in.

Dublin Community Center Update