By Ramona Branch —

Town meeting this year was on the short and quiet side. With no challenging or controversial items, we had a low turnout – 99 people. The meeting lasted about one hour and forty minutes.

The town warrant consisted of 12 articles. Article 1 electing town officers was voted on at Town Hall on March 13. The remaining 11 articles were expedited at Town Meeting on March 17. A summary of the voting on each article follows:

Article 1 – Election of town officers: Sterling Q. Abram – Selectman, 3 years; Jerry Lawler – Supervisor of the Checklist, 6 years; Judith A. Knapp – Supervisor of the Checklist, 4 years; Martin Smith – Library Trustee, 3 years; Connie O. Cerroni – Library Trustee 2 years; K Horgan – Budget Committee, 3 years; Nancy Campbell – Budget Committee, 3 years; Brooks F. Johnson, Cemetery Trustee, 3 years; David Whitney – Planning Board, 3 years; Bruce Simpson – Planning Board, 1 year; Richard D. Scheinblum – Trustee of the Trust Funds, 3 years; Tim Clark – ConVal District Moderator, 3 years.

Article 2 – passed: hear reports of agents, auditors and committees and pass required vote.

Article 3 – passed: 2012 Operating budget totaling $2,160,436.78.

Article 4 – passed: $13,512 for purchase and installation of a security, fire access control, badging and video surveillance system at Town Hall.

Article 5 – passed: $8,700 for the purchase and installation of a file server and server operating system at town offices.

Article 6 – passed: $63,999 for the Safe Routes to School Grant to complete the Safe Routes to School Project.

Article 7 – passed: appropriate $7,200 from the Library Major Maintenance and Repair Capitol Reserve Fund to paint the exterior trim and interior foyer of the library.

Article 8 – passed: $4,400 to fund operation and publication of The Dublin Advocate.

Article 9 – passed: $95,000 to replace existing bridge on Pierce Road.

Article 10 – passed: appropriate $143,000 to Town Capital Reserve Fund.

Article 11- passed: appropriate $9,500 to Expendable Trust Funds.

Article 12 – passed: accept contributions to Cemetery Trust Funds.

Ramona Branch is a freelance writer and editor and is on the staff of The Dublin Advocate.

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