By Mary Loftis —

On voting day, March 13, the $4 million Bond passed by 13 votes! That’s in the whole nine-town District! The 2/3 approval required for such a warrant article is a high bar, and I am pleased that the ConVal community recognized the importance of renovating the gym wing of the high school to attain ADA compliance, improve the gym for future generations of athletes, and upgrade HVAC systems. (Recount scheduled for March 27 — passed.)

The $44,312,350 operating budget was also supported — and by a generous margin. This amount, just 0.3 percent higher than the current year’s budget, represents thoughtful austerity on the part of the Administration and School Board. We will be able to continue important District initiatives, such as the adoption of a new high school math curriculum, but there will also be staffing cuts due to decreasing enrollment.

The petition warrant article to hire a School Resource Officer for the high school was defeated. The School Board was divided over the need for this position, which the Administration supported, and the conversation will continue, I’m sure.

An advisory petition warrant article calling for the education of students through grade 5 in local schools and the consolidation of the two middle schools was supported by the voters. The Model Study Committee, which was charged with considering alternative solutions to the decreasing enrollment – high cost of infrastructure dilemma, will certainly take this message under advisement as it continues its work this spring.

Thank you to all who voted to support our public schools. There is no better investment!

Mary Loftis is Dublin’s representative to the ConVal School Board for SAU 1.

Good Day for ConVal