By Nancy Campbell –

Invitations to join The Dublin Women’s Club were mailed the end of April. Anyone who does not receive an invitation and who wishes to join may contact Treasurer Nancy Campbell (563-8480). Dues for both the club and beach remain at $100. If one wishes to only join the club without beach privileges, the fee is $20. Those persons needing financial assistance may contact Jill Lawler (924-7675), Nancy Campbell, Eileene McBrien, Shannon Carpenter, Rebecca Oja or Connie Cerroni.

Beach set-up day will be Saturday, June 9 (rain date Sunday, June 10), starting at 10:30 am. The rafts, docks and boats will be put in the lake that day. We need lots of willing hands to help; lunch will be provided to volunteers. We hope to have a lifeguard on duty starting June 18, with lessons starting June 25. Longtime lifeguards Polly Seymour and Liz Lawler will be returning, as well as Meghan Briggs, who is returning for her second year.

In other business, the Club still has five hunter-green coverlets for sale for $45. If you would like to buy one, you may call Vera Elder at 563-8319 or Nancy Campbell at 563-8480 or mail a check, payable to The Dublin Women’s Club, PO Box 121, Dublin, NH 03444. Proceeds from the sales will help cover the expense of maintaining the Women’s Club Beach House.

Finally, we thank all those people who have already donated to our annual appeal.

Nancy Campbell is treasurer of the Dublin Women’s Club.

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