By Catherine Boeckmann –

To all our fellow Dubliners, thank you for your generosity during the Friends of the Dublin Public Library’s 2012 membership campaign!

We are so very thankful to both our longtime and the many new FDPL members — plus, we appreciate the very kind donations that went above and beyond membership. Your contributions support a dynamic, healthy library and supplement your library’s budget with speaker programs, new books and facility improvements, children’s events, and more!

Coming soon: all-new programs! On Saturday morning, June 30, we’ll host our annual Children’s Day to kickoff the summer reading program. The theme is “Rocks rock!” This fall, we are launching an exciting program of reading, conversation, art, and writing. The theme is “Recasting Monadnock’s Classics.” Stay tuned!

Catherine Boeckmann is Board Secretary for the Friends of the Dublin Public Library.

Thank You from the FDPL