The Mariposa, a ‘hands-on’ museum onMain St.inPeterborough, displays artifacts from around the world. Invite your children to experience other cultures through regional exhibitions, performances and programs: “When children are raised with respect and curiosity towards other cultures, the world will know more peace and less war,” reads its motto.

In Mariposa’s current exhibit, “Becoming: The Child’s Journey to Adulthood,” there are two important contributions fromDublin. Students fromDublinSchoolpainted a map of the world that hangs on the museum’s library wall, and is interactive.

Plus, Nick Fox lent the museum two slingshots on display in the “Work and Play” window of the current exhibition. He used them to chase away (or slay) lizards that were eating his garden when he was a Peace Corps volunteer in Ghana. (See Advocate cover story, January 2011.)

Drop-ins at the museum are welcomed. Visit or call 924-4555 for details.

Hands-on: Learning Peace