By Peter Hewitt —

Good News Doesn’t Sell Papers — or Air Time:

 No, what sells papers are murders, financial frauds, scandalous behavior, and divorces among the famous.

Watching one of the morning programs on television leaves me with the impression that we’re all on our way to Hades at 100 mph.

What we don’t read about or hear about are the zillions of good things that are happening around us constantly: help being offered to the elderly or handicapped, courtesies shown by automobile drivers to pedestrians or other drivers, money being contributed daily to charitable organizations like the Red Cross.

But who wants to read about a woman who drove an injured friend to the hospital when you could be reading about a movie star who murdered her mother-in-law?

 Peter Hewitt is a former resident of Dublin who retired to RiverMead along with several other Dublin residents.

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