By Margaret Gurney —

Kim Allis of Page Road has joined the staff of the Advocate.

Kim and her husband, John, moved here two years ago from Belmont, MA, when John inherited their home from his parents, William and Nancy Allis (Nancy was a Morison, a well-known and deeply rooted family in Peterborough.)

Kim is an artist and former wedding photographer (“before everything went digital”), and drives to Cambridge twice weekly to be in an art class she has been attending for 10 years.

Kim’s hobbies are her passion: drumming, painting, and reading good books. Kim is also on the board of the Friends of the Dublin Public Library. Plus, she is “a huge movie person” and has thought about putting together a chick-flick group.

John is a three-time Olympian bicycle racer, and they met in Munich in 1972 when Kim was doing radio reporting. They married in ’76 and have raised two daughters: Paget is a medical intern in New York, and Galen is planning traffic patterns in Boston.

Kim’s two children from a previous marriage, Cameron and Daniel Lieff, live in CA and OH respectively, and Daniel has two children, Stella, 7, and Wolfe, 3. Kim is hoping the grands will join the tradition of spending summers in Dublin soon.

The Allises have two Pit Bulls, Emma and Truman, and a small poodle named Fred!

Please join us in welcoming Kim to the Advocate, where she will be handling the calendar, a vacancy left by Barbara Delphia, who did a great job.

Margaret Gurney is editor of The Advocate.

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