We can be so proud of our high school and college graduates, displayed on the cover and interior of the June issue. A renowned local author speaks to library visitors, and we know it’s really summer when the beach opens, playground begins, and paddles and hikes are planned. The Hunger Walk raised serious funds and our roadways got cleaned up by our Rotarian volunteers. It’s time to register to vote or change your affiliation, and prepare to be awed by the Historical Society’s exhibit next month on World War I. The Mariposa Museum invites all to its Nelson Mandela quilt exhibit, and the Vintage Market is back. Along with monthly entries of news and events from the library, schools, Community Center, and Rotary speakers, we have the Raylynmor Opera’s Iolanthe coming June 3 and the Peterborough Players is in its 85th season. Opportunities to volunteer abound: become a volunteer driver or help a child to read, find out about help for seniors, as well as healthcare and retirement. After reading up on the Indigo Bunting, try calling up one of our advertisers for an estimate.

June 2018