In the April issue, all the results of our Town budget, warrants, officer elections, and school votes are gathered in full. Read up on the Citizen of the Year, Charlie Champagne. There’s a survey to take for the SW Region Planning Commission, and DCF seeks scholarship applicants. (Load limit on roads to 6 tons til May Day.) Make way for the amphibian migration, plus it’s owl season as well as mud. Our little preschool is fulfilling the needs of many children, just check it out. And when you help someone, you make their day as well as yours: give a ride through CVTC. Easter services throughout town are open to all, and there will be a Forum on the lore of Mount Monadnock — don’t miss that. Learn how to fall, or better, find your balance; read what The River Center offers young families, and attend a fundraiser concert with 15 Quartets. We have all the latest and what’s to come from the DPL, DCS, SAU1, DCA, and the Hub. There’s an Earth Day celebration nearby and learn something new about the Mourning Dove. See if any of the 30 advertisers is offering what you need, and give a call.

April 2019