The March issue of the Advocate offers three angles to consider when voting March 12 on the School District’s budget: the tax rate, the consolidation conundrum, and the operating budget. On that same day we also elect our town officers for the next cycle. A listing of important Town Dates includes Town Meeting on the morning of March 16, where we will discussion our warrant articles and vote accordingly.

Come to the Pre-Town meeting (March 5) held annually by the Women’s Club for a preview of the Town Warrant. The Broadband meeting happens March 2; Meet Your Candidates is March 9; the last day to register to vote is March 12. We run an edited preview of all the Town’s 24 Warrant Articles. We can read an explanation of the seven nonprofits (offering needed services to Dubliners). The Historical Society’s potluck dinner will feature humorist Rebecca Rule, and we have updates from the library, the school, the community center, and an award to our local music man. There’s a hike offered, a new town website, Rotary speakers, a reminder to license our dogs, an opera, and how to get help from the River Center or volunteer for RSVP. And last, an Owlet peers out from her burrow, harkening a season we all await.

March 2019