The August issue of the Advocate begins with the good news that conservation land in town is alive and well. With acres added to the Beech Hill preserve, our watershed is protected and more trails opened up. We run three articles about absentee ballots — it’s just that important. And so is Broadband, which is moving along nicely. The town is seeking employees, we thank our health care workers, scholarships are awarded, the census needs our data, and whether or how school reopens is in contention. Our rep says, both in-school and remote learning are on the table, most likely a combo.

A staffer follows up on the Conversations about Race with people in the know, and the Murrays celebrate 60 years together! Adventures can be had at the Rotary Park, the Friendly Farm, and the Boat Launch. We have a Reiki practitioner in town who works with animals, three Dubliners are awarded Paul Harris Fellows, and sunflowers are planted to commemorate the lives of Black suffragists.

We lost Dan Burnham, a really special guy worth reading about: “In lieu of flowers,” says the family, “please vote.” We also note the deaths of Daniel Knight and Carol Gebhardt.

The Makerspace is opening a ceramics facility in town, roller skiers get a little attention on the back roads, and the annual Baha’i event will be virtual this year. A Wellness Clinic opens in Dublin, and there are three ways to help those who need a hand: Hundred Nights, End 68 hours of Hunger, or becoming  a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) representing children subject to abuse or neglect.

We have updates from all those organizations that work really hard in town: DCA, DWC, DPL, FDPL, DubHub, and DHS.

There’s a Walk to End Alzheimer’s, the annual Gas Engine Meet has been canceled, and register your dog — or else! Fall Migration is in the air for our local birder, Dublin is recycling again (masks on please), and the Village has flowering plants of every persuasion. And, keep the faith.


August 2020