The September Advocate opens with one young woman’s take on very local agriculture, bringing it back to the forefront of younger generations through school programs, and shares that her immediate future will involve beekeeping. Then both a former and a current selectperson address how to prepare for Broadband coming to our town. Will it be aerial or conduit to your home? Best find out now, to update and sign up.

With a primary vote in just days, precautionary measures have been stepped up for everyone’s safety; voting by absentee ballot is recommended for good reasons, plus a dedicated slot at the PO will help speed things along immeasurably. Checklist folks are open September 1and the town is still seeking a transfer station attendant and an administrative assistant. Come work for an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Our Library is opening, by appointment, and its Friends will meet. The Howe Reservoir Drawdown will be earlier than usual this fall; our recycling center is facing certain challenges and needs our focused cooperation. Our school district is preparing all the details for opening of schools including a variety of solutions to meet any unexpected situations; and one of our own just got her MA and will pursue a Ph.D.

Our elementary school is prepared for opening, and praises the district’s efforts to address all options. The Head of School for our town’s college-preparatory boarding school is also opening with all safety precautions in place, plus honoring its long-standing commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

A local artist wins an award for a lifetime of contributions; young people with developmental and related disabilities who were affected by the closing of a major rehab center are being transitioned to new services with all due care and attention; the Finnegans have moved in, and are expecting; and the trails on Hiroshi’s land are open and beautiful.

The Celebration of Life service for a Dublin-born young man will wait until many can safely gather; the Hub is hosting events outdoors as long as weather permits; the ConVal Class of 2020 makes its second donation to End 68 Hours of Hunger; and veterans can get vouchers for farmers’ markets in three towns this month.

The Hub is building a meeting room in back that will double its offerings, and help the Sunday School next door; and substance-abuse recovery options now exist nearby. Two grants have been awarded to benefit two local nonprofits (thanks to the grantwriter); and this year marks the 30th anniversary of the ADA — check that out.

Maskmakers are giving away ice cream; Granny D is honored; volunteer drivers are needed; and updates and resources on COVID cover recently extended emergency orders from the Governor: “We’re not out of the woods yet.” Even the Hawk Watch is up in the air.

But joy still awaits us with the Thrushes’ songs; we ask you to support our advertisers and businesses now more than ever; and remember this: Vote September 8.


September 2020