February 2020

The February issue kicks off with details about the Broadband opportunity presented to all Dubliners from the town committee. Several informational sessions are announced to field questions, and to pass the bond will require a 2/3 vote at Town Meeting. Local veterans ask for names of soldiers who served in the Korean and Vietnam conflicts, with plans to honor them. We have an update from the BudCom, in which we are told to expect “a larger than normal increase in the operating budget.” Come to the preview to learn why. Then we have voting logistics, an update on the school budget, also up, and more news from DCS and DCA, the annual bird count, and a profile of a local fundraiser. Ski with Tom, strengthen the wildlife on your property, learn what to expect from the new Census, and read about Dublin School’s new performance. DHS reaches its centennial, and is collecting our stories, and the Friends of the Oglala Lakota is donating some relevant books to the DPL. There are the usual updates on new events to expect at the DubHub, what is happening at the Makerspace in Peterborough, who’s coming to speak at Rotary, and many new programs are on hand from the DPL and FDPL. Support our advertisers, yes, and most of all, Vote; locally and nationally, this month and next.

January 2020

The January Advocate is in our homes, and it opens with a story about the age-old tradition of storing ice blocks from our lake brought to new light by local builder and craftsman, Caleb Niemela. Thanks to the Historical Society for a visuals assist.

The certified Town Clerk/Tax Collector has posted the open Town Office positions, filing for which opens January 22. The Town Administrator has posted important dates coming up in the next few months, as we plan our town business for the next year. A part of that will include consideration of the Broadband Committee’s recommendation (p. 4).

We gain some quick wisdom from a quote by town historian Henry Allison (penned in 1952), and move on to more current issues: Lake Preservation is the key focus for members of the DLPC, museum passes are available for Dubliners, Jaffrey invites all to a celebration for MLK Jr. Day, and — ring the bells — we have a new baby in town.

Serving Dublin residents, as well as surrounding towns, the Peterborough Food Pantry keeps us informed on its progress; the Harris Center has Tom Warren leading hikes on snowshoes and cross-country skis, which is not much of a problem for an inveterate hockey player and birdwatcher. Dublin’s own Phoenix House is fulfilling its mission of serving those who are challenged with substance use disorder, and it’s the year — in Chinese culture — of the white metal rat. (Find out what that means for you.) The Sullivans share their wildlife-cam photo of a moose, and we hear from The River Center, Hospice at HCS, Eversource, and CVTC in regularly included PSAs.

Don’t miss the important updates from the DPL, DCA, DCS, PTO, School Board, Hub, and Rotary, and do tell our advertisers you saw their ads here. Most of all, Happy 2020 to all from the staff of the Advocate.


December 2019

The December Advocate leads with a remembrance of a Christmas past, and a tree for children to color; the color version is online, with all due respect to its Vermont artist. An information session is upcoming on making Broadband available to everyone in town equally, and staff and trustees man a transition at the DPL. A selectman — and former Budget chair — explains our new 2019 tax rate, and the transfer station will be open on Thursdays when Wednesdays are holidays. Our questions about voting are answered by the supervisor of the checklist, police ask us to use the depository in the Town Hall for any leftover medications, and a worldwide song session for the holidays is offered by Monadnock Chorus. Local churches announce their services and Vespers, and the annual solstice vigil to honor those who have died while homeless in the last year will be held by candlelight on the steps of the Town House in Peterborough. School news abounds with family night at the preschool, open Nordic trails at the Dublin School, and the circus, which came to the schoolchildren at DCS. And so do volunteers from Big Brothers Big Sisters! One young woman remembers her mother’s graceful legacy of love and acceptance, a children’s dentist has moved to town, and we profile a local architect whose fine work is evident in many area towns. The Fire Department is looking for much-needed recruits, and Tom dives into the conundrum between birds and wind turbines. We offer monthly updates from the DPL, DCP&CC, Hub, School Board, Historical Society, Peterborough Players, and Monadnock Rotary. Most importantly, happy holidays to all.

November 2019

The November Advocate gives us a glimpse of three brothers who grew up in town, then and now. We honor all three, each one a veteran of the Korean War, and we are as grateful to The Woodwards as they are for each other.

Our town’s Broadband Committee has made huge strides toward negotiating a solution so that all residents of town will have equal access to the internet!

DCA students honor veterans with an invite to attend the school and share their stories. David Nelson has sent poetry relevant to the current drawdown of the Howe Reservoir, and we have lost a local businessman, David Voorhis, owner of New England Wood Designs.

Our new school board rep speaks up, and he updates recent decisions made by the SAU1 concerning our 5th grade. Andy Freeman is a fireman both locally and out west; he has been firefighting out west for many years when he is not here running the General with his good wife, Michelle — who holds the fort when he is away.

Three of our town’s artists participated in the 24th annual Monadnock Art Tour. There’s going to be a Monadnock Region Natural History Conference, and Edie Tuttle is showing her art at Fry Fine Art during November. The Poetry Reading in Harrisville is top notch, organized by a former lecturer in poetry from Tufts. Hospice is selling poinsettias, readings about what home means are to be read aloud during Hunger & Homelessness Awareness Week at the Peterborough Library, and right here in town at the church’s new Garden Sanctuary, there was a Blessing of the Animals, officiated by Pastor Traceymay Kalvaitis.

The town swore in four new employees, two police and two highwaymen. Mary Iselin has a show in Jaffrey, and the annual holiday stroll begins in Peterborough. Our own ornithologist tackles the bird species in decline and why, and two lovely ladies join a hundred others in a walk to bring attention to the Recovery process in the effort to de-stigmatize Substance Abuse Disorder, which was sponsored by the Monadnock Rotary.

All this in addition to the hours allotted for Halloween, the monthly activities  at the DubHub, Fall Back reminder, and updates from the DCS, PTO, DPL, DCF, and DHS.

Don’t forget to check out our new advertisers. The staff of the Advocate wishes everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.


October 2019

The Dublin Gas Engine Meet on Cricket Hill Farm is Dublin’s longest lasting tradition after Town Meeting, and this year’s event, the 48th, was no exception. Read all about it in the October issue. Townspeople ready their children for Halloween events, and a ceramic workshop will be held at the library as a fundraiser. We lost two long-time Dubliners, and hear about removing the small museum wall to relocate the old horse-drawn hearses. The Advocate welcomes a new staffer, and help is wanted at the transfer station. It’s time again for the Monadnock Art Open Studio Art Tour, the 24th, and there will be a Blessing of the Animals in the new Garden Sanctuary out in back of the church, woodland creatures included. Among many other activities, Dublin Consolidated School invites all to its the Annual Harvest Supper, and there’s a homecoming at DCA. Yankee has released The 2020 Old Farmer’s Almanac, and the Schoolhouse Museum is open for Columbus Day weekend. Black Fly Story Hour is back, and there’s a walk to raise awareness for substance abuse recovery. There’s another walk to show support for immigrants, and hunting season is under way. Odds Bodkin comes to town, there’s a photography exhibit in the next town south, and a talk about outdoor play for children. It’s Fire Safety month, and the hawkwatch is in full swing.

Of course, do not miss the regular updates from the DPL, FDPL, DCS PTO, School Board, DCP, and DubHub, including two interesting book readings. And please tell our advertisers you saw them here.

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