August 2018

The August issue is here: The children at Playground climbed Monadnock last month and quite enjoyed it, a couple of BBQs are coming up, and the World War I exhibit in the Town Hall opens on the 11th. The Community Church has called a new pastor, the Baha’is annual event is here, and the Planning Board invites all to a final hearing on the Master Plan. We have lost some great people, one of whom co-founded this newsletter, and the kids are painting murals on the back of the horse sheds behind the church. Walden School’s musical program, ongoing since 1981, is in full swing, and the Garden Club’s Flower Show was a big hit. We have news from summer camps, schools getting under way, Rotary speakers, library and Hub, and what’s this? Dublin’s own ultramarathon runner! Check out the Friendly Farm, new advertisers, library, and many arts in the Region. And last but not least, the Virginia Rail.

July 2018

In the July issue of the Advocate, the Rec Committee takes us on more adventures in nature, the Summer Playground is on, and the town beach has opened for swimmers to beat the heat. Many scholarships have been awarded by both the Dublin Community Foundation and the Trustees for Trust Funds. The town administrator shares details about how business is handled at the Town Hall, and we have still more graduates to congratulate. The Barn Sale is coming up; always a fun time! We are informed about the prospects for Broadband coverage in town, how our invasive plants are being dealt with, and learn about our preschool’s happenings. The Garden Club’s Flower Show is coming up, and the lake hosts are on duty at the public landing. Not to miss the WWI Exhibit coming up at the Town Hall in August, put on by the Historical Society, and enjoy the news that Paul Tuller has won an Ewing Arts Award. All the updates from the library, the Hub, and Rotarians are here, as well as lectures, forums, plays, and brass bands. So much to choose from. Remind our advertisers you saw them here.

June 2018

We can be so proud of our high school and college graduates, displayed on the cover and interior of the June issue. A renowned local author speaks to library visitors, and we know it’s really summer when the beach opens, playground begins, and paddles and hikes are planned. The Hunger Walk raised serious funds and our roadways got cleaned up by our Rotarian volunteers. It’s time to register to vote or change your affiliation, and prepare to be awed by the Historical Society’s exhibit next month on World War I. The Mariposa Museum invites all to its Nelson Mandela quilt exhibit, and the Vintage Market is back. Along with monthly entries of news and events from the library, schools, Community Center, and Rotary speakers, we have the Raylynmor Opera’s Iolanthe coming June 3 and the Peterborough Players is in its 85th season. Opportunities to volunteer abound: become a volunteer driver or help a child to read, find out about help for seniors, as well as healthcare and retirement. After reading up on the Indigo Bunting, try calling up one of our advertisers for an estimate.

May 2018

The May 2018 Advocate features two articles on Memorial Day, especially in Dublin, past and present. We have two young women who shared their college graduations and Summer Playground seeks registrants for planning purposes. With another greening finally upon us, it is rummage time again at the local church, students shared their Olympic Studies’ projects, and Adele Knight displays her new town clock. Our newest writer covers the Flynn family, new to town, and it’s time to make way for salamanders, prevent tick bites, and see the parade in Peterborough for Children and the Arts. In addition to updates from the schools, library, and Hub, the Rotarians seek volunteers to tidy up litter on the highway. At last, Tom discusses the Cardinal. Our ads are just as interesting, so do check them out as well.

April 2018

In the April 2018 issue, the results of Town Meeting were rounded out by the award for Jean Barden (to honor her steadfast support of her husband’s challenging job for 30 years), final budget numbers notwithstanding.

Town officers were sworn in and the photo of the Citizen of the Year, Adele Knight, will be taken April 2 when she is awarded a wall clock by the Selectmen. The Women’s Club Annual Meeting is coming up, and the town’s two scholarship boards are seeking candidates.

Dublin lost three remarkable women over the winter and they are profiled in our pages. We look closely at a solar home, and a serious promotion for Joe Sangermano. Our usual but critical news is here from the library, the schools, and the Hub. A seminar, speakers, chorus, folk and Celtic music are all offered, and a whole-page focus on Earth Day combines with safeguarding our local amphibian population, which is on the move. We close out with age-old wisdom from our ad rep. Graduates, send your news!

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