January 2018

The January 2018 issue of the Advocate wishes all a Happy New Year, rings in the New Year with a bit about Dublin’s own bell, and invited all to attend Brian’s retirement party. We offer a couple explanations as to why our taxes were a little lower this billing cycle, and the Town Clerk has listed which Town Offices are open so candidates can apply. The water results came in from the state and we include a profile of a new, young professional couple who have moved to town. The monthly updates from the library, the schools, the community center, and HCS keep readers on their toes, just in time to catch up with the second installment of Aggie and Sean Macy’s river saga on the Allagash. Voices are sought for the church choir and feast your eyes on the Great Grey Owl. As always, remember our advertisers.

December 2017

The December issue of the Advocate contains as many events, mostly local, that we could manage to find. Brian Barden is interviewed to commemorate his resignation as Road Agent for the last 30 years; library and school news is included as well as all the Hub events this month. There’s a photographic exhibit in Peterborough showing Dubliners, and we learn about the radio station in town. Volunteer drivers are honored and the shelter in Keene for the homeless is fundraising through a hefty auction. The Players have more offerings, and the benefit for Puerto Rico yielded solid funds. Tom wrote about the Wood Duck, just passing through. Don’t forget to tell our advertisers you saw them in these pages. Finally, happiest of holidays to all.

November 2017

The November issue of the Advocate captures the award given to Adele Knight for her devotion to libraries in the state, not the least of which is Dublin’s. The ConComm has successfully collected our water samples for testing by the state (with results to follow); and a couple cool hikes in Dublin are sponsored by the Harris Center.

Library and school news run alongside Andy Freeman’s talk to the Rotarians about his firefighting commitment. The Hub has a new director who happens to be very musical, and the Hub is also very busy with offerings; and we have an update on the progress in broadband.

A young mother in town sells essential oils for well being, and Raylynmor Opera melds two performances at Dublin School. Yankee’s solar array is at work, Dublin artists showed their art on the Open Studio Tour, and don’t forget to read Tom’s account on the Peregrine Falcon.

October 2017

The October issue of the Advocate offers a photographic replay of highlights of the Gas Engine Meet, tips on trick or treating, rummage sale changes, and a call for items for a WWI exhibit to be hosted by the Historical Society next summer. Dublin’s curator has recapped some early history of Dublin in the 19th century and we are updated on school news.

Awards, tours, and fire-safety tips combine with storytelling events, and the varied offerings from the Community Center: so much to see and do, including having your water tested by the state.

Yankee Publishing releases its 2018 Old Farmer’s Almanac and hunting season has begun. And don’t forget the 22nd Annual Open Studio Art Tour, with five artists from Dublin participating with 45 others around the Monadnock Region.

Help is always needed: stop the worry cycle or drive your neighbors where they need to go. Last, but never least, Tom Warren discusses the Crossbills.

September 2017

To our valued Dublin Advocate readers: Here is the September issue— all news worthy for Dubliners and neighbors.

This month in the September Advocate we read about a tiny house under construction right in our own town, the annual hawkwatch, and the gathering of other towns with the same name as our’s. School news is hopping with the actual start of the new school year, and let’s not miss our annual gas engine meet at Cricket Hill Farm! Walkers honor Granny D, another family went to sea, and at the Wellness Festival there is no fee.

In addition to updates on events at the library and the Hub, we hear from the Friends of the Oglala Lakota; that Miriam is running the League of NH Craftsmen; and a new Market & Bazaar will take place at Cricket Hill Farm. Community suppers resume, and an opportunity for testing our wellwater is on its way. Who is that gal running the Hub? Perhaps you’ll wish to attend any number of arts events by Dubliners, or join in the Art Tour coming up. Just try to guess what bird Tom Warren covered this time, and so don’t miss out on the color photos online.