By Bill Goodwin—

The boat launch at the west end of Dublin Lake will once again have Lake Hosts helping boaters search for any plants that get attached to boats or boat trailers.

Of greatest concern are invasive aquatic plants such as Variable Milfoil and Fanwort that could be transported from other lakes to Dublin Lake. Within the state of New Hampshire, there are many lakes that have serious infestation problems. Our goal is to prevent these plants from entering our lake. Educating boaters is one of the primary functions of the Lake Hosts.

The Lake Host Program is offered by the New Hampshire Lakes Association. It is providing $1000 funding via a grant application by the Dublin Conservation Commission. The Beech Hill/ Dublin Lake Watershed Association is providing $500 as a cash match for ramp coverage. We thank these organizations for their generous support.

The Lake Hosts will provide boat ramp coverage from June 30 to August 26. They will work from 9 am to 5 pm on Saturdays and Sundays. Additional coverage may be possible with the additional funding mentioned above.

We are pleased to have Emma Murphy and Samantha (Sam) Novotny back with us again this summer. Working with Emma and Sam, we will have Olivia Thomas, a ConVal student from Dublin. She will be our backup for Emma and Sam and will go through the formal training at NH Lakes so that she will be qualified to work part-time this summer and can become a full-time Lake Host next year.

Please welcome Emma, Sam and Olivia when you see them this summer. They will be wearing their blue Lake Host shirts while working at the ramp.

Bill Goodwin is the Point Person for the Lake Host program at Dublin Lake.

Lake Host Program Begins for 2012