When an archaeologist with a Ph.D. moves to town, we ask them to write. After a fascinating overview of regional finds, in the January issue Dr. Goodby suggests “the real history of Native Americans in Dublin remains to be written.” Then, in the end of January, come to the library to hear Shari talk about her life as a mountain bicyclist. Our selectman explains the new tax rate, our town clerk lists the offices to fill (8, step up!), and we have a tough decision facing the School Board. We welcome twins, the Chinese New Year, and require 6 inches of ice to skate safely. Kindness matters, and so do gifts of items to Syrian refugees. Please see what they need on p. 10. MAxT is offering tech education, we can celebrate MLK with a service and art, and more than 300 acres have been conserved for posterity, thanks to the Birches. As always, we have news from our own DCS and its PTO, upcoming events from The River Center’s workshops for parenting, tips from the library, events from the Hub, and speakers for Rotary. Let’s not forget the finch forecast and more than 30 advertisers. Happy New Year to all.

January 2019