The December Advocate leads with a remembrance of a Christmas past, and a tree for children to color; the color version is online, with all due respect to its Vermont artist. An information session is upcoming on making Broadband available to everyone in town equally, and staff and trustees man a transition at the DPL. A selectman — and former Budget chair — explains our new 2019 tax rate, and the transfer station will be open on Thursdays when Wednesdays are holidays. Our questions about voting are answered by the supervisor of the checklist, police ask us to use the depository in the Town Hall for any leftover medications, and a worldwide song session for the holidays is offered by Monadnock Chorus. Local churches announce their services and Vespers, and the annual solstice vigil to honor those who have died while homeless in the last year will be held by candlelight on the steps of the Town House in Peterborough. School news abounds with family night at the preschool, open Nordic trails at the Dublin School, and the circus, which came to the schoolchildren at DCS. And so do volunteers from Big Brothers Big Sisters! One young woman remembers her mother’s graceful legacy of love and acceptance, a children’s dentist has moved to town, and we profile a local architect whose fine work is evident in many area towns. The Fire Department is looking for much-needed recruits, and Tom dives into the conundrum between birds and wind turbines. We offer monthly updates from the DPL, DCP&CC, Hub, School Board, Historical Society, Peterborough Players, and Monadnock Rotary. Most importantly, happy holidays to all.

December 2019