The January Advocate is in our homes, and it opens with a story about the age-old tradition of storing ice blocks from our lake brought to new light by local builder and craftsman, Caleb Niemela. Thanks to the Historical Society for a visuals assist.

The certified Town Clerk/Tax Collector has posted the open Town Office positions, filing for which opens January 22. The Town Administrator has posted important dates coming up in the next few months, as we plan our town business for the next year. A part of that will include consideration of the Broadband Committee’s recommendation (p. 4).

We gain some quick wisdom from a quote by town historian Henry Allison (penned in 1952), and move on to more current issues: Lake Preservation is the key focus for members of the DLPC, museum passes are available for Dubliners, Jaffrey invites all to a celebration for MLK Jr. Day, and — ring the bells — we have a new baby in town.

Serving Dublin residents, as well as surrounding towns, the Peterborough Food Pantry keeps us informed on its progress; the Harris Center has Tom Warren leading hikes on snowshoes and cross-country skis, which is not much of a problem for an inveterate hockey player and birdwatcher. Dublin’s own Phoenix House is fulfilling its mission of serving those who are challenged with substance use disorder, and it’s the year — in Chinese culture — of the white metal rat. (Find out what that means for you.) The Sullivans share their wildlife-cam photo of a moose, and we hear from The River Center, Hospice at HCS, Eversource, and CVTC in regularly included PSAs.

Don’t miss the important updates from the DPL, DCA, DCS, PTO, School Board, Hub, and Rotary, and do tell our advertisers you saw their ads here. Most of all, Happy 2020 to all from the staff of the Advocate.


January 2020