The November issue is out, and it contains articles about voting, absentee ballots, registering to vote, and links to helpful resources. The time is now.

We can update our library cards at the DPL, our broadband website is up and running, and two statements on antiracism are reprinted with permission, one local, the other regional.

Dublin has earned risk management designation, the police force is again fully staffed, and the school board rep reports unanticipated costs associated with COVID.

Daylight Savings is here, the elementary school is educating our children despite all the challenges, as is the Christian Academy, much of it outdoors for now.

Ruth Thompson makes more than facemasks — she has written a song about Dublin, the art exhibit is on, and the fire ban is off, though we must still apply for burn permits online. One young family has a fully functioning family farm, the transitional shelter in Peterborough is explained, and Thomas Marriner has died. He caned chairs, among other cherished crafts.

Hub events continue despite these challenging times, and its new addition is almost complete. Home Healthcare is selling poinsettias once again, and the Walden School describes its musical summer online. A staffer has reviewed how best to put our gardens to bed for the winter, and several groups are accepting food donations to distribute to the many hungry families in our communities.

Resources are included for COVID info, the Governor’s order in relation to the pandemic, and a gentle reminder to get a flu shot. Use our advertisers, and just as importantly, VOTE.


November 2020