The December issue has been mailed to every home in Dublin, announcing innovative ways we can celebrate the holiday season in these times. We view the latest Broadband map, mark its progress, and must avoid visiting the Town Hall in person: We can now pay our tax bills and register cars from home!

Our tax rate is proposed unchanged, our school news is all good, and there is a tree lighting in the next town over. We lost a magnificent citizen, honored our veteran citizens east and west of town, and praise those who volunteered once again and provided a smooth voting experience.

We can buy coasters from the Historical Society, apply for new library cards, and read about an interesting and creative person in town.

Our Community Center’s addition is really coming along, and so are the online events being offered, as well as a small treasures art show. We have clippings associated with racial justice, social justice, feeding the hungry, and housing the homeless.

An emergency mask order has at last been ordered, healthcare consultations for the homebound are offered, and the antics of Blue Jays are on view.

Dublin’s most renowned publication, The Old Farmers’ Almanac, honors our own Tim Clark, who is retiring after decades of excellent and most appreciated work in its fine print. All his colleagues agree, and say so.

Please use our advertisers, tell them you read about them here, and enjoy this holiday season.

Stay healthy all — to welcome in the New Year.



December 2020