The January issue is in Dublin homes, emailed to inboxes, and opens with resident firefighter Andy Freeman’s experiences fighting fires out west, well beyond just this past year. The Advocate expresses more than gratitude for all frontline workers like Andy, including those working against the COVID-19 infection in people.

The Town has a new administrative assistant, a new website, and a new dropbox; the Broadband project updates its progress; and the filing period for nine open positions for town offices has a due date of January 29.

We lost a longtime resident who raised his children in town, and had a subcontracting business. In Hindsight 2020, you can write up your experience over the last year in town for possible publication in a joint effort by the DPL and the Hub. You can also send in profiles of local frontline workers to the Advocate.

You can help celebrate Granny D’s birthday on Zoom; learn about ways to protect Dublin’s natural beauty, while fighting invasive species of plants; and remember one special lady’s contribution to this town, who died before her time.

Welcome to a new and musical family; read about the DPL’s pursuits (and those of the FDPL), school news of DCP, DCA, DCS and our rep; tricks for saving energy from NH Saves; and catch up on the events sponsored by the DubHub. Volunteer on MLK Day, learn its meaning, become a volunteer driver. You can help feed our local hungry schoolchildren! HCS Keene has walk-in hours for Dubliners; there are five priority areas for a community health-needs assessment, and see how to care for seniors in NH.

Nuthatches come in colors, but blue is not one of them; go see Maureen Ahern’s art in a Peterborough gallery; and remember our advertisers — they are here for you. Our calendar grid is again filled with timely photos as we wish everyone a Happy New Year. Stay well.


January 2021