December 2016

The Advocate Staff December 2016

To our valued Dublin Advocate readers: Here is the December 2016 issue — all news worthy for Dubliners and neighbors. Read online, or open the pdf from the Current Month link to view the original in color. Request an email reminder when the issue goes live each month from — The lights on the […]

  • November 2016

    The Advocate Staff November 2016

    Old Roads of Dublin Creating surfaces for travel in the old days was no small task. By Felicity Pool There was a time when New England had no roads, and none existed south of us either. One tale has it that before European settlers arrived with their axes, a squirrel could travel through the treetops […]

  • October 2016

    The Advocate Staff October 2016
    Almost all the people who volunteered to bring the beach project to completion are shown here on the workday at the edge of the lake. 1st row l-r: JoAnn Hopkins, Celeste Snitko, Sarah Sangermano, Margaret Blackburn, Gabrielle Oja and Rebecca Oja.
2nd row l-r: Janice Moore, Nancy Campbell, Greg Blackburn, Wendy White and Mary Shonk. Back row: Hank Campbell, Judy Knapp, Jeff Oja, Walter Snitko and Bronson Shonk. Missing from the photo were Connie Cerroni and Joe Sangermano.
Photo by Emily Shonk Schoelzel

    Volunteers Spruce Up Lake Beachfront Almost 20 people add finishing touch to the DWC beach restoration. By Judy Knapp As the saying goes, “Many hands make light work.” That was demonstrated on Saturday, September 10, at the Dublin Women’s Club beach. Eighteen volunteers planted the kinnickinnick [bearberry] and the low-bush blueberries that are the next […]

  • September 2016

    The Advocate Staff September 2016
    DCS New PG2

    It Took a Village… DCS News by Nicole Pease What an amazing month it has been! After two years of planning, fundraising, and building, the new community playground is installed at Dublin Consolidated School! This has truly been a community effort, spearheaded by Emily Bennett and the Playground Committee. Emily said Jesse Mareum and Greg […]

  • August 2016

    The Advocate Staff August 2016
    Children attending this year’s Playground gather with Eliot and counselors in front of the vegetable garden planted by students at DCS last spring in coordination with the Cornucopia Project. Photograph by Sally Shonk

    Summer Playground Is All About Tradition, Family, and Fun By Eliot Pelletier People often ask me why I continue to return to the Dublin Summer Playground year after year. I have worked at the Playground since I was in college, well more than a decade ago. It’s not much of an exaggeration to say that […]